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Quality of Life


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General Dermatology

» DLQI - The Dermatology Life Quality Index

» CDLQI - The Children's Dermatology Life Quality Index

Disease Specific

» PDI - The Psoriasis Disability Index

» CADI - The Cardiff Acne Disability Index

» IDQoL - The Infant's Dermatitis Quality of Life Index

Measures for partners / Family members

» FROM-16 - Familiy Reported Outcome Measure (All diseases)

» FDLQI - The Family Dermatology Life Quality Index (All dermatology diseases)

» DFI - The Dermatitis Family Impact Questionnaire (Atopic dermatitis children)

Cardiff University Dermatology Department has played a major role in the development and validation of Quality of Life measures for use in dermatology.

There are over 130 articles by Professor Finlay and colleagues in this area. Click here for Key references or full article references and abstracts list.

This is the official website for the DLQI and all other QoL measures developed by Professor A Y Finlay and colleagues.  Please report any errors or suggestions for improvement to or to

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