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Diploma / MSc in Practical Dermatology Diploma / MSc in Clinical Dermatology
Dermoscopy MPhil, MD and PhD

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Cardiff University: The Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology is a part of Cardiff University dedicated to carrying out dermatological research, and offering dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors. These courses include specialised training in new techniques such as dermoscopy in innovative online dermoscopy courses.

Our international centre is run by Cardiff-based teachers, lecturers and tutors with over 35 years experience in teaching students who are looking to obtain a diploma in dermatology, or other dermatology qualification, through the medium of distance training. Full-time courses are also offered for those seeking more specialised education.

We have received many accolades which recognise our development in the field of dermatology, and the high quality of our dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors, making us well-placed to offer a diploma in dermatology that covers all areas of this science.

Dermatology Courses: Resources and Location

We have a reputation worldwide for the expert research we carried out within the department, as well as the in-depth cosmetic dermatology and dermoscopy courses we offer.

Our clinical service delivered through the University Hospital of Wales and the academic work done through the Cardiff University campus together provide an outstanding service, and the institution is the main dermatology referral centre for Wales.

The campus holds a designated dermatology building, dermatology surgery service, a team of six dermatologists who manage outpatient clinics, and a large team of dermatology nurses who provide care to patients with chronic dermatological disease.

The dermoscopy course and diploma in dermatology draw on this clinical expertise to provide relevant clinical exposure for those on our programmes.

Our Dermoscopy Courses and Dermatology Courses for GPs and Medical Doctors

We run a number of postgraduate dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors. These include a one-year distance course for a general Diploma in Practical Dermatology, an online distance course for an MSc in Practical Dermatology, a specialist Diploma in Clinical Dermatology which contains a formal cosmetic dermatology element, a longer Diploma/MSc in Clinical Dermatology, an experience-based MPhil and PhD, and a dermoscopy course which requires only 12 weeks to complete online.

The Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, which includes a formal cosmetic dermatology element, generally covers treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments for birth marks, hair removal, and thread veins. The cosmetic dermatology element covers aspects of treatment not offered by the NHS, such as seborrheic warts, rosacea, acne scarring and skin tags; offering students an insight into the cosmetic side of dermatology.

We take all the necessary measures to ensure that students of our dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors are able to make the most of our teachers' vast amount of experience and technical knowledge, ensuring that whatever dermatology courses are undertaken and for whatever period of time, students will have access to the highest quality standards of education.

Quality of Life and Dermatology

In order to improve the quality of life of those with skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis, it is essential that comprehensive research is continually carried out to develop new ways in which quality of life measures can be implemented in dermatological practice. Our Department has played an extensive and ongoing role in assessing the quality of life of patients experiencing skin conditions, and thus developing key quality of life measures which really make a difference to the lives of sufferers.

Students of our dermatology and dermoscopy courses will benefit from the articles and published abstracts in our Dermatology Life Quality Index, as developed by colleagues with extensive knowledge in this area. This includes assessments of children's, infants' and families' Life Quality Indexes which assess the impact that skin conditions have on these units.

Our Exclusive Research Laboratory

Our research laboratory is extremely well-equipped, and specialises in techniques aimed at obtaining a more in-depth understanding of dermatological conditions, including cell and molecular biology and genetic skin research.

Students undertaking a diploma in dermatology, or any other dermatology courses for GPs and other medical doctors, will benefit from the internationally recognised research carried out in this laboratory. This includes genetic screening tests direct sequencing and a host of other techniques which focus on abnormal differentiation and genetic disease of the skin.

This research has enabled us to screen for gene mutations in a series of genetic diseases. Our success in this area has enabled us to pass our expertise onto our students taking part in our dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors, offering access to the invaluable expertise of our teachers.

Choose Cardiff University for a Diploma in Dermatology

With a wealth of resources at our disposal, and an incredible amount of expertise in the field of dermatology, we are the first port of call for those considering a diploma in dermatology, a dermoscopy course, or other dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors.

A combination of our comprehensive campus and highly experienced teachers offers the best possible resources for students of our dermatology courses for GPs and medical doctors.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today for more information or to enrol in one of our many dermatology courses.

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