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Cardiff Releases Dermoscopy iPhone App

An iPhone app to brush up on your dermoscopy skills!

The Virtual Dermatoscope is a fun and interactive mobile app aimed at medical practitioners with some knowledge of dermoscopy, who would like to practise and hone their skills.

There is a selection of lesions to examine with the Virtual Dermatoscope. First choose a clinical photo, and tap to view the large dermatoscope image. (Zoom and pan for a close up view). The first quiz tests your descriptive skills. You will then see an annotated version of the image with a diagnosis quiz and feedback.

“Love the virtual dermatoscope, lots of useful information and practice at looking at signs” – Dr Seema Nagpaul, GP.

“The virtual dermatoscope is a novel, neat, fun and addictive educational tool. A must for anyone keen to practise and improve their dermoscopic skills.” – Dr Jackie Orledge, GP.

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For more information and support please contact Sonia Maurer.