It is essential to purchase at least one general dermatology text book and perhaps an atlas.
(Students are advised to choose one from the reading list below.)
Print of a Microsoft Word version of this list.

Initial Reading:

Revise your knowledge of the function and structure of the skin. During the course many of your weekly reading assignments will include chapters from these publications. (See the reading lists for each week for further details.)

1) Fitzpatrick J, Aeling J (2001) Dermatology Secrets in Color; 2nd Edition; Hanley and Belfus; Philadelphia. £35.99 (Note: American Book)

2) Gawkrodger D (2002) Dermatology, an illustrated colour text; 3rd Edition; Churchill Livingstone; London. £27.99

3) Hunter J, Savin J and Dahl M (2002) Clinical Dermatology; 3rd Edition; Blackwell Science; USA, UK, Australia and Germany. £29.95

4) Marks R (2003) Roxburgh's Common Skin Diseases; 17th Edition; Arnold; London. £25.99

We also highly recommend the following textbooks:

1) Habif TP (2003) Clinical Dermatology. Mosby, St. Louis. Fourth Edition. Price £107An e-detion is also available.

2) Lebwohl M, Heymann W, Berth-Jones J, Coulson I. (2002) Treatment of Skin Disease - Comprehensive Therapeutic Strategies. Mosby 2006. Price £143

3) Bolognia J, Jorizzo J, and Rapini R (2003) Dermatology. Mosby £294 (CD -ROM and e-ditions available)

Good General Basic Texts:

1) Ashton R & Barbara Leppard B (2004) Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology. 3rd Edition Radcliffe Medical Press £35

2) Habif TP (2005) Skin Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment. Mosby. Price £48.99

3) Graham-Brown R, Burns A(2002) Lecture Notes on Dermatology. 8th Edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Price £18.99.

4) Mackie RM (2003) Clinical Dermatology. An Oxford Core Text 5th Edition. Oxford Medical, Price £24.99


1) Du Vivier A(2002) Atlas of Clinical Dermatology 3rd Edition (Churchill Livingstone). Price £170. This is an excellent book. Highly recommended.

2) Lawrence C and Cox N (2001) Physical Signs in Dermatology. Wolfe. Price £60.99

3) Levene GM & Calnan CD (2003). A Colour Atlas of Dermatology. 3rd Edition. Mosby Price £24.99.

4) Fitzpatrick TB, Johnson RA, Wolff K, Polano MK, Suurmond D (2005) Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology. McGraw Hill. Price £43.99.

Books authored by General Practitioners

1) Mitchell T & Kennedy C (2005) Common Skin Disorders: Your Questions Answered. Churchill Livingstone £21.99

2) Mitchell T & Hepplewhite A (2006) Eczema at your finger tips. Class publishing London £14.99

3) Mitchell T & Penzer R (2005) Psoriasis at your finger tips. Class publishing London £17.99

4) Mitchell T & Dudley A (2002) Acne at your finger tips. Class publishing London £14.99

5) Poyner T (2003) How do we manage Acne. Magister publishing Kent £14.99

6) Poyner TF (2000) Common Skin Diseases. Blackwell Science. Price £17.99.

Dermatology Experts:

For those doctors who wish to extend their reading we would strongly recommend the following book:

1) Rook Textbook of Dermatology. Seventh Edition. Edited by RH Champion, JL Burton, DA Burns, SM Breathnach. Blackwell Science, 2004. Price £495.00.

Although purchase of this book is not considered necessary for this course, we would recommend it to any doctors wishing to have access to this internationally respected, major British textbook of dermatology.


All of the textbooks recommended above are in print, unless specified. They can of course be ordered from any bookshop. The prices given are for use only as a guide.

The bookshop in the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff - Blackwells Medical Bookshop, has agreed to supply any of the books on this reading list, by post, to doctors registered on this course. Charge cards that are accepted are:


A charge will be made for package and posting. If you wish to take advantage of this service please contact the bookshop directly at the following address:

Marcus Clarke
Blackwells Medical Bookshop
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University of Wales College of Medicine
Heath Park
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Tel. & Fax: 029 2076 2878 (International +44 29 2076 2878).

If you are not using a charge card, payment is required before books are despatched.

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