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CDLQI Translation Information


Name of Questionnaire: CDLQI
Translation language: Korean
Original language: English (UK)
Organiser of translation:

Soo-Young Bhang,M.D.,M.P.H.

Environmental Health Center, University of Ulsan ; Department of psychiatry, Ulsan university Hospital, University of Ulsan. 290-3, Jeonha-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan 682-714 Korea

Number of forward-translators: 2
Number of independent back-translators: 2
Total number of forward or back-translations before accepted for translation: 6
Final back-translation confirmed by: Professor A Y Finlay and Dr M. K A. Basra
Final back-translation attached: No
Cognitive debriefing

- Duration: 2010.3.1~3.20
- Participants characteristics: Age range: 6~ 17
- Sex: male 7, female 8.

- Respondents were native speakers of Korean
Date translation confirmed: April  2010
Date this page completed: 9 April 2010