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DLQI Translation Information


Name of Questionnaire: DLQI
Translation language: Spanish (Venezuela)
Original language: English (UK)
Organiser of translation:

Ana Popielnicki, BA - Linguistic Validation Dept. Manager, Corporate Translations, Inc., East Hartford, CT, USA

Translations Organiser Head: Shawn McKown

Number of forward-translators: >2
Number of independent back-translators: >1
Total number of forward or back-translations before accepted for translation: >1
Validation procedures 2 Independent forward translations
1 Harmonized translation
1 Independent back translation
Developer review of back translation
In-country review of harmonized translation by sponsor representative, approved.
Cognitive Debriefing with 5 native speakers in Venezuela
Final back-translation confirmed by: Professor A Y Finlay
Final back-translation attached: No
Date translation confirmed: 21 July 2008
Relevant publications: attached:  
Date this page completed: 21 May 2009